Medial Pro is quickly becoming the pit boss with the release of a Team pit mat with brand authenticity.   Making your pit area clean and professional looking has never been easier with the textured, soft, and durable design. Quickly roll or unroll to set-up or tear-down the pit area, the pit mat is versatile enough for the racer always on the go.

Space-age fire-resistant fiber material

Mounting tires can be tricky but with MEDIAL PRO TIRE MOUNTING STRAP these worries can now be minimized.

The TIRE MOUNTING STRAP is made of a strong  silicone rubber, with oversize pulling lugs.

Glue will not stick to the silicon, so the mounting strap will remain clean and last for a long time.

Fits any size tire from 3.5” up to 4.7”in (90mm to 120mm)





100 x 62cm

23 x 30cm

The Team LIPO GUARD bag is a high tech bag made of space-age materials that will help to contain a lithium polymer battery fire. Place your lithium polymer battery inside the LiPo Safe Charging Bag and extend the charging wires through the top flap. Charge your LiPo batteries in the LiPo Safe Charging Bag for peace of mind and a higher level of safety. In the event of a lithium polymer battery mishap, the LIPO GUARD bag fire-resistant material reduces the severity of the fire inside and vents the smoke outside the LiPo Safe Bag. The Charging Bag is sealed with a thick, industrial strength Velcro flap and can also be used for safe transportation and storage of your Lithium Polymer batteries.