Medial Pro was the first RC tire manufacturer in the world having his own lab to develop the best rubber compounds. Even today we still count on our European rubber compound mixing companies to supply our racing rubber to manufacture our tires. We have only 3 newly developed compounds M2, M3 and M4 to suit every track, surface and weather condition.

Made of genuine DUPONT composites resistant to the toughest impacts during racing. The injection technology used ensures perfect concentricity and balanced wheels. These are true racing wheels

The Medial Pro inserts are not injection molded but ground into shape ensuring perfect concentricity and balance. Water can be used to clean your tires and will not destroy the insert.

Each tire tread is designed in cooperation with our best Team drivers and the latest CAD software to ensure the best performance. Each new tire tread is being tested on different tracks all over the world before going into production.